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  • evajoly evajoly, Woman

    Seeking: Group, Trio, Couple F/F, Couple M/M, Couple M/F, Men, Women

    Age: 30

    Country: Seychelles

    Last online:

  • maria maria, Woman

    Seeking: Trio, Couple M/F, Men, Women

    Age: 34

    Country: Sweden

    Last online:

  • tommy tommy, Man

    Seeking: Men, Women

    Age: 29

    Country: Spain

    Last online:

  • annpeggy annpeggy, Couple FF

    Seeking: SEX Club, Couple F/F, Couple M/F, Men, Women

    Age: 31

    Country: United Kingdom

    Last online:

  • sharon sharon, Woman

    Seeking: Couple F/F, Couple M/F, Men, Women

    Age: 36

    Country: Poland

    Last online:

  • paola paola, Woman

    Seeking: Men

    Age: -

    Country: United States / California / Long Beach

    Last online:


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  • tommy is offline Fuck me Posted on 04/15/2012 06:40 PM by tommy

    blink As John Cena let out a final grunt, he set his weights down. He was covered in
    sweat, and his huge biceps were throbbing. It was early in the morning and it
    was a Friday, so the gym wouldn't be busy for hours. He decided to hit the
    showers and call it a day. On the way into the dressing room, he ran into his
    good friend, Evan Bourne.
    "Hey Evan, how's it going man?" Cena asked.
    "Not bad man, ...Read more

  • annpeggy is offline A friend Posted on 04/15/2012 06:16 PM by annpeggy

    was in my apartment smoking a cigarette and downing a few beers, when someone knocked.  I opened the door and found a thin, beautiful black goddess smiling at me.  She had a tight t-shirt on, with no bra, and a pair of form-fitting shorts.  She said that her friend, who was may next-door neighbor, was having a party.  They had just run out of booze and they sent her over to see if I had any. ...Read more

  • sharon is offline Sex with stranger Posted on 04/15/2012 06:05 PM by sharon

    We met at a bar. I was attracted to him the minute I saw him. He was very sleek and sexy, and I was getting aroused just thinking about him. After about half an hour and 4 beers, he approached me. We then began to talk for a while about everything -- who I was and what I was about, and vice versa. By the time we were done talking, I was was too intoxicated to drive myself home. He offered me a ...Read more